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Sample Preservation & Storage Solutions

Micronic’s goal is to advance research by serving scientists in finding solutions that contribute to a higher quality of life. We develop and manufacture a range of Dutch-designed products to enhance the process of sample preservation and storage.

Tube Code Selection

Micronic has a comprehensive choice of codes available to fulfill the requirements of our customers. Micronic sample storage tubes can be supplied Non-coded or with the following laser-etched codes:

  • Alphanumeric Coded
  • 2D Data Matrix coded                                    

Tube Dimensions

The Micronic sample vials are available in a range of sizes.


Tube Working Volumes

To ensure the maximum filling capacity of our sample storage tubes Micronic has introduced several unique features, for example the double O-rings inside the tubes. Please find the net working volumes of our entire tube range below. The working volume is specified for room temperature (+21°C).

Available codings:
a = Non-coded
b = Alphanumeric coded
c = 2D Data-Matrix coded

Superior Tube Features

All Micronic sample storage tubes are manufactured to industry leading strict tolerances. Due to the unique 2K injection molding technique, the highly transparent tube and the black code surface are molded to one component leading to the following advantages:

  • Black code surface cannot be separated from the transparent tube enabling absolute traceability
  • Solid and uniform walls allow maximum working volume
  • No contamination during the production process

Micronic’s high quality and strong sample storage tubes are able to withstand:

  • Multiple freeze-thaw cycles: extensive freeze-thaw tests are conducted with Micronic sample storage tubes and results show no leakages for both Micronic Push Cap tubes and Micronic Screw Cap tubes closed with TPE caps. Additionally, research also shows that no Micronic TPE caps pop off during the freeze-thaw process (reference: Test Report TO13007 – available on request).
  • Grinding of samples by high speed bead beating for DNA/RNA extraction: when homogenizing samples, beads are often used to break open cell walls and membranes to release the desired DNA and RNA. The solid walls of Micronic tubes have been tested and are able to withstand the process of bead beating easily.

Superior Cap Features

During the collection, processing and storage of samples, sample traceability is crucial. While most laboratories use 1D and 2D barcodes on sample tubes to ensure traceability of samples, cap color inspection will further promote the tube identification process.

Cap color coding in laboratories is particularly useful when used to distinguish between different types of research purposes. Color provides a visual clue that works faster than text alone. By adding cap color coding next to 1D and 2D barcodes, users can speed up sample storage and retrieval time, eliminate human errors, and reduce the risk of lost samples.

To ensure that aliquots, which are transferred from sample collection tubes (vacuum tubes) into smaller sample storage tubes can still be identified by cap color inspection, Micronic offers a standard cap color coding solution for 96-, 48- and 24-format sample storage tubes. This solution is related to the cap colors of vacuum tubes. To each type of blood sample (i.e. additive which is present to pretreat or preserve the blood), a cap color is assigned. Next to blood samples, the cap color solution can also be used for other biological samples (e.g. DNA, tissue, urine, feces, plants, or seeds).

For more information about the standard cap color coding guide, please see Tech Note 1 ‘Cap Color Coding’.

Cap Dimensions

The Micronic sample storage caps are available in Screw Caps (Low Profile) and Push Caps (TPE and EVA).


Tube in Rack Dimensions

The Micronic sample storage racks are based on the industry standard ANSI / SLAS footprint (formerly known as the ANSI / SBS footprint). To ensure the Micronic racks will meet your storage requirements and will fit into your automated process

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