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CryoLine™ Cryoscope Supplies


Descrição do Produto

Achieve the most accurate results with comprehensive CryoLine standards and laboratory supplies — designed specifically for use with freezing point cryoscopes.
Proper instrument operation and warranty protection are dependent upon the use of Advanced Instruments supplies,parts,and accessories.Our products are superior to cheaper supplies and will ensure the high measurement accuracy that you expect from our instruments.
Avoid expensive workflow disruptions and ensure reliability of sample results,while meeting or exceeding regulatory guidelines.
• Reliable,traceable materials for use with milk and dairy products,offering stable results
• Specifically designed to satisfy ISO, HACCP ,and QA/QC requirements
•Assured monitoring and control of milk supply process and product integrity,from farm to finished product

The Advanced Instruments CryoLine products are standards and laboratory supplies specifically designed for use with Advanced Instruments cryoscopes.

Single-use Milk Cryoscope Standards ampules are specifically designed to satisfy ISO, HACCP and QA/QC requirements and traceable to U.S. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Lactrol® reference solution is ready-to-use and allows for easy instrument checks between shifts.