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Autoclaves for sterilization “MICRO 8”, “MED 12” and “MED 20”

  • Pressure  Regulator Thermostat of 1 and 2 bar.
  • Temperatures 121 ºC and 134 ºC.
  • Vertical  Desktop  Models : “MICRO 8” Capacity: 8 litres, “MED 12” Capacity: 12 litres.
  • Vertical  Stand  Model:  “MED 20” Capacity: 20 litres.
  • An economic alternative.
  • Semiautomatics.
  • Safety Valve: Prevents the pressure within the autoclave overpassing  the maximum set limit.
  • Safety Pressure: Disconnects power to the heater in case of overpassing the pressure set limit.
  • Safety Thermostat: Disconnects  the heating in case of overtemperature or lack of  water in the tank. Thermally insulated  lid made of molded thermoplastic
  • Common features  : AISI 304 stainless steel external case and top. Stainless steel chamber and lid, with easy opening. INCOLOY special stainless steel heater element, which provides long life, low  corrosion and high temperatures resistance. Manual air purge when starting(“MICRO 8” model). Automatic atmospheric purge (“MED 12” and “MED 20” models). Safety device to prevent lid opening. Starting main switch.


Autoclave for sterilization “MED 12” Desktop Model


Autoclave for sterilization “MICRO 8” Desktop Model

Autoclave for sterilization “MED 20” Vertical  Stand Model

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